RTO Payments is the only online payment system developed for the rental purchase industry (rent to own/ RTO) that integrates 100% with RSSS point-of-sale software. Account sign-up and payments are fully automated, making it convenient for customers to view and pay on their account(s) 24/7!

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Save Time
Employees no longer need to collect information from customers or call in credit card charges by phone. Online Payments automatically update the RSSS system saving even more time. Online customers can view their account status and payment history online 24/7, reducing inquiries by phone.
"The flow of information from customer to RSSS through this software has been great. We get to sit back and watch the money come in while the program takes the payments and updates the databases."
Lori E. McGovern
Information Systems Manager
SKC Enterprises, Inc.
* Does not include setup and installation charges. Pricing varies based on number of store fronts.
  Must be current RSSS customer with online stores option active to utilize this system.