Online Payments Demo

1. Simple steps allow a user to access an existing account or sign up as a new user. Help is just a click away.

2. The Accounts Overview page displays payment dates and amounts due. From this page a user can click 'View Agreement Details.'

3. The Account Details page will allow those with multiple accounts to view details by selecting an agreement number.

4. Account History shows recent payments on all agreements. By clicking an agreement number a user can view detailed payment history for that agreement.

5. Click the Pay Now link to make a payment on an agreement.

6. The Payment Selection page will then allow a user to check boxes next to the payments they wish to make.

7. Payments Review presents a summary of the amounts being paid prior to checkout.

8. Users are presented with the Make Payment screen that allows them to either pay with a credit card that is on file, or add a new credit card.

9. If help is needed the Credit Card Help link will assist in locating the Card Verification Number.

10. After payment is approved the Transaction Complete page generates a receipt of the payment. The amount due will now be $0.00.

11. The status field will show "pending" until the system automatically updates to RSSS systems at store level.

12. The user can now LogOut. It's as easy as that!

* Does not include setup and installation charges. Pricing varies based on number of store fronts.
  Must be current RSSS customer with online stores option active to utilize this system.